5 Things About Bell Fibe TV That Are Great/Suck

I recently switched from Bell TV (Satellite) to Bell Fibe TV in the hopes of reducing my bill and still retaining the programming that I’d like. I decided to write this post tonight because that decision has inadvertently caused me to miss watching the Senators game (but more on that later).

Bell has a real push on to get customers to move from satellite to a wired service. I imagine it  enables them to bundle additional services (internet, cellular) and to reduce the cost/complexity of installation.

After about 4 weeks on the service I have some strong thoughts. My installation was pretty smooth because I already had RG-6 going to each drop and opted for that instead of CAT-6. 

Here’s the good:

  1. Better Pricing – Hands down, Fibe is much better priced than satellite. The Better package gives me most of what I want. Because of the number of simultaneous programs that can be recorded (4 HD), timeshifting which is available in the Best package isn’t really necessary. As well, you don’t pay a silly surcharge for getting HD channels.
  2. Local Channels are HD – On satellite, the locals that were provided were mostly standard definition. With the ability to localize multicasts by city, this means that the local CBC affiliate is now HD for me. This is great for those nights when a Senators game is not the national broadcast on CBC. I used to have to rely on OTA (over-the-air) to get an HD signal.
  3. On Demand Programming – There is a ton of on-demand programming available, ranging from kids shows to episodes of current run shows that you may have missed recording.
  4. Consolidated PVR – This was the biggest selling point for me. One receiver acts as a PVR. All other remote receivers use that receiver to record programmes. The interface is pretty seamless and intuitive. It’s nice to start watching something on one TV, pause it and move to another.
  5. No Weather Dropouts – Very heavy snow or rainstorms would create outages with Bell TV. Usually they didn’t last long but did happen at inopportune times. It’s nice not having to worry about that anymore.

And then the complaints:

  1. Guide Sucks – The guide is horrible. It looks great, navigates quickly but ultimately is lousy. You cannot filter out all of the channels you are not subscribed to like you could with satellite. Satellite showed you the channel in a different colour, or you could hide unsubscribed channels altogether. Not so with Fibe. I guess they want you to see what you are missing so that you’ll be prompted to upgrade. Instead you have to go through the labourious task of setting up Favourites to only show channels you want… ONE AT A TIME. And all that sharing technology between the receivers? Not for the guide. You’ll need to go through that painful exercise for each one.
  2. No Sportsnet Senators channel – This is the one that prompted me to write tonight. Despite my research before switching services and confirmation from the Bell’s own site, the Sportsnet Senators channel which is used when Sens games are bumped (tonight in favour of the Jays home opener) is NOT available to Fibe customers. Well at least not in Ontario. I had this confirmed by Bell. Please lodge a complaint with them if you’d like to have this added as per their own site.
  3. Programming Timers – On satellite, any timer you set started a minute early and 2 or 3 minutes beyond the scheduled time by default. You can extend the timing on Fibe as well, but for EVERY programme you schedule as you set the recording. Doing this by default would make a lot more sense. I’ve missed the end of a few shows already because of this.
  4. No UHF Remote – A minor quibble, but the IR remote seems to require that you be directly facing the receiver. It doesn’t have much field of vision from an outside angle. The UHF remote with Bell TV is much better, even allowing you to put the receiver in a ventilated enclosure with no line of sight.
  5. Sacrifice of Internet Bandwidth – Again, this is a minor quibble. I had Fibe 25 internet service before adding television. The marketing material fails to inform you that you will be capped at 15 instead. It’s understandable that they want to reserve bandwidth for excellent TV performance, but they should be a little more forthcoming with that information.

Overall, I’m fairly happy with the service, with the consolidated PVR trumping most issues. The good news for Bell is that most things on the complaint list can be fixed. It’s only software after all.

    • MCIBUS
    • April 3rd, 2013

    Two corrections.

    1) you CAN hide uunsub cjhannels. simplely bgo into your guide menue(custome) and unclick the channels you don’t want to see.

    2)You now can get Fibe 25 with out loosing 10GB so basically your getting Fibe 36 10 for Fibe TV, 25 for internet. Thois may or may not be available in your location.

    • To clarify both points:

      – I said you can’t hide non-subscribed channels in a single step. Going through each channel and customizing a list is totally ridiculous.

      – I said their marketing materials do not tell you about the downgrade. I don’t question that it may be available to some where they are FttH.

      I respect your corrections, but stand by my original points.

        • joseph
        • February 23rd, 2014

        You can in fact remove channels you are not subscribed to open up the guide and press options on the remote and go to guide settings then there is an option to show just subscribed channels

      • sorry for the difficulties you’ve had. i didn’t have to sacrifice a lick of bandwidth/speed. still on 25. my PVR automatically does the extra 3 minute thing at the end so i’ve never missed a thing. maybe because i got it recently, the updated software had better defaults in it. 🙂
        i can understand your frustrations though. go sens go.

    • Russ
    • April 26th, 2013

    Also everyone should note, if they where Previously using a HD Antenna for OTA HD channels, You got A LOT better image quality than the FibeHD channels, Bell compress’s the HD, and you lose a lot of quality. With my HD antenna, if the weather girl had a pimple, you could see, on Bell Fibe HD channels not so much, sure you get the correct aspect ratio, but you lose out on quality. So much so, that i will switch back to my Antenna to watch hockey games.

    • Dennis
    • June 8th, 2013

    Your post is incorrect concerning recording 4 hd channels at one time.
    You can record or watch 4 channels at one time – three HD and one standard. Bell confirmed this for me today.


    • Susan Harris
    • September 26th, 2013

    I just moved to Leamington and switched from cogeco to bell (cant get cogeco or fibe here) I am so flummoxed trying to work with the bell pvr and guide. It is the most unfriendly piece of software i have seen since 1990. A black screen with huge fonts (yes my font size is on the smallest setting) and white glaring writing. No way to see which shows are new. I could go on. How many buttons can we make you click to delete or record? I always hold to the fact that it may just be me being an idiot. So if there is a magic button to get the real guide please tell me.

    • Michael Fever
    • September 30th, 2013

    Going through and removing the channels you do not subscribe to is a one time thing and isn’t really that painful. I did mine in under an hour.. I have 324 subscribed channels.

    My problem is the wireless receiver keeps going down on me and now won’t connect.

    Otherwise I dont mind it.. the Cogeco cable box I had before seemed easier and faster but not as pretty… but for all the pretty, I find it a little slow.. I’m not sure if I’m sold on it…

    • Arlene Pollock
    • December 2nd, 2013

    Always have it in writing what you are actually getting. A lot of technicians especially Rogers do not know what they are doing. They are in training, to do your installation. If you are happy with what you have, keep it. Every year the bring in new services, without ironing out the bugs.

    • aw124
    • December 2nd, 2013

    Another correction: 2 HD and 2 SD

    • No that is not not correct. It is indeed 3 HD and 1 SD.

    • applegoz
    • December 4th, 2013

    I am frustrated with my Bell Fibe. When recording, it almost always cuts out too soon, and I miss the last few minutes of a show….which often is the most important part!

      • tig
      • December 10th, 2013

      When you set your recording, you can tell it start XXX min early, and finish XXX min late. You should be able to find this in the PVR menu, click on the schedule and select (I think, I’m at work so I can’t verify) options

      • Not disputing that you can set that option. What people are looking for is a *global* option to set it to record an extra few minutes by default. This is what BellTV (satellite) customers are used to.

        • mark
        • February 18th, 2014

        Recordings will now start one minute prior to the show and stop three minutes after the show. I’m using firmware 2.4.28886.4002.

        • Carolyn
        • June 6th, 2014

        That is a real problem. Bell replaced my DVR and it no longer happens. It has nothing to do with fixing settings. However, certain channels like ID are constantly a minute out and for that you do need to change the settings.

    • Nat
    • December 12th, 2013

    I’m considering switching to Bell Fibe (from Rogers) and I would likely go with the “Better” package. Your review is one of the more recent ones I’ve come across and I very much appreciate the breakdown. Seeing as how it’s now almost eight months later, would you recommend Bell Fibe?

    • Well 8 months later I am very happy with the service. The addition of the iOS app to allow you to record programs from remote is incredibly useful. We have had no outages whatsoever, no degradation in the quality of the picture and no major complaints. My small children have figured out how to use it and like the on-demand selection for kids.

        • Kristen
        • September 30th, 2015

        Hello Wischr I have a question can you record 4 shows on each box?? Or is it just recording 4 shows on the main box & you just watch the shows on each other boxes?? I hope my question makes sense
        Can you answer me back by emailing me kmiller2515@gmail.com thank you 🙂

    • kegs
    • December 14th, 2013

    I just wish there was a timer so I that i can fall asleep at night and not have my tv/bell/speakers going till all hours of the morning.

      • mark
      • January 24th, 2014

      If I’m not mistaken all TV’s have a sleep feature. The fact that your Bell receiver is on makes no difference.

    • anonxt
    • December 17th, 2013

    With rogers PVR, you can enjoy the recorded shows in case you cancel service (if you don’t plug in the coax cable after cancel etc.)
    Same with the Bell Satellite PVR.
    Go test the Bell Fibe TV PVR…you’re in for a disappointment. Unplug the network cable to simulate cancellation of service, and try to access the PVR.
    Question: What if you keep fibe internet and just cancel fibe tv? Will it allow pvr access then?..

    • anonxt
    • December 17th, 2013

    Rogers comment above was for the Explorer 8642HD.

    • Boxy
    • December 21st, 2013

    I don’t have the wireless PVR that being said. Is there a way to connect another tv up so that we can watch tv on in 2 different rooms like we use to with cable just splice it….. thanks for any help

      • HHP
      • March 20th, 2014

      What Bell fails to tell you except if you read every little detail is that if you have a wired PVR you have to now get a wireless PVR in order to move the one TV around the house. The Olympics commercials were great but were misleading and the installer was also deceptive. Bell now wants $7.10 extra per month for the wireless PVR plus a $75 installation charge.

    • Harvey Rule
    • January 23rd, 2014

    six months ago they told me I would have my fibe service in 3 months.Well where is it?

  1. Just to correct one statement from the OP… The guide seems ok and you can set up favorite lists just like it was with the sat receiver. Doing this will allow one to skip all unsubscribed channels.

    I am not happy with some of the sports channels they offer including all 4 sport nets. Sometimes they claim to show a game (ie. NHL) and then black it out even though I am hundreds of miles away from the arena/stadium it is being played at. They even give me a Buffalo Sabres channel with the Better package which will show all Sabres programming all day long and when a Sabres game is on it shows a black screen only during game play. I do not live in the US nor am I anywhere near that arena!!! When BELL made deals to get these channels, imo they should have had their sports station providers agree to let BELL do the blackout only when the customer/user is within XX square miles. They are ripping us off by offering these channels as part of a package we pay for & then blacking out the actual main events.

    • Again I never said the favourite feature was missing. It’s just sorely lacking.

        • k-bry
        • November 9th, 2014

        You don’t have to set up.favorites, only select options in the guide and click on guide settings. Clck click on subscribed channels and you are done. 15 seconds of work, not so bad. It would be nice if that was the default setting but not much of an inconvenience.

    • savvy
    • January 24th, 2014

    with the new firmware a few of your issues have been resolved. now by default it starts recording a show 1 minute before and stops 3 minutes after schedule time. also, there is now an option to show only subscribed channels. the new update was pushed out over december/january. i think it’s now out to all receivers if you don’t have it just power cycle your receiver and it should get it.

      • mark
      • January 25th, 2014

      I can’t seem to locate the “show only subscribed”. Can you share where it is?

        • D
        • February 16th, 2014

        On your fibe remote:
        Menu->Settings->Menu and Guide->Subscribed Channels->Select “View subscribed and premium channels”->Save

    • mark
    • January 24th, 2014

    I have had Fibe 25 for over a year now and am completely satisfied with the service and the programming. Light years ahead of Rogers. With so much being available on demand now the PVR gets less use than you think. Never been close to filing it up and I have a teenage daughter.

    • mark
    • January 24th, 2014

    Also just noticed a firmware upgrade because I’ve noticed a new feature. Pressing the last button shows last 5 stations. Also customizing guide just got easier. You can now enter specific channel instead of scrolling down forever.

    • Great find on that feature!

        • dbmsguy
        • January 26th, 2014

        you will also note with the latest update, that it adds 3 minutes to the end of the scheduled recording so you no longer miss the endings of shows. This is now a default.

      • frank
      • January 25th, 2014

      Any idea how to turn off that feature where it shows last 5 channels pressed.. Its really annoying

        • mark
        • February 18th, 2014

        You can turn it off under Menu>Settings>Menu and Guide>Recent Channels.

    • Don
    • January 26th, 2014

    So a receiver for each TV is needed with a “master” which manages PVR’s? I assume they ding you a rental for each receiver? I own all my current satellite ones. If I have to rent/buy them it may nullify any hope of reducing an already extreme bill.

      • mark
      • February 9th, 2014

      Yes that’s correct. I pay about $25 a month for 1 PVR and 3 receivers. You do own them at the end of the contract but given the speed of releases of new hardware (wireless). it’s kind of moot.

    • Sean
    • January 27th, 2014

    I’m considering the switch from Bell satellite and I have a couple questions. You said the PVR is IR controlled, no UHF. I’m guessing all the wireless receivers are the same (IR)?

    Is anyone using a universal remote (Harmony) with this PVR and does it work fine? What about universal remotes with the wireless receivers?
    Do the PVR and the wireless receivers all use the same kind of remote?

    Anyone using a Slingbox with it and any issue with that?

      • ShutDown
      • February 8th, 2014

      I thought I’d reply because I am using everything you just mentioned:
      I have 4 receivers. I use Lovite h Harmony remotes on 3 of them. I have a slongbox 350 hooked up to one using component cables and a TV hooked up to the same one using HDMI. No issues at all. The receivers are IR, unfortunately, it hasn’t been an issue for me. Even though, one receiver is a PVR and three are not, they all use the same remote. No difference. I have settings the same on the harmony remotes. All round, I am happy. I have had five for almost 2 years. In that time, I had 2 outages. One resolved itself very quickly. The other required a reboot of all the equipment including the modem. That is a far better track record than I ever had with Rogers. My opinion is it is the best availed TV option at the moment.

        • Sean
        • February 9th, 2014

        Shutdown – thanks for the reply. I finally managed to get my Harmony 900 all set up to control this system. I also like that I can now relocate the Slingbox to any of the wireless receivers in the house instead of jamming it in the main home theatre cabinet like I had to before.

        I will note that the included slim remote only seems capable of controlling the TV and receiver. It does not appear it can be used to control volume on an audio receiver. Too bad – it’s otherwise a very nice remote – nice form slim form factor.

        Now if only the wireless receivers would stop dropping signal so often I could be very happy.

        • Music Al
        • February 26th, 2014

        Just got Fibe TV today and was flabbergasted to discover the slim remote isn’t capable of controlling an audio receiver. Did Bell complete forget about all of the folks out there who have home theatre equipment?

        I admit that the remote is wonderful if you’ve got a straightforward “connect the Fibe receiver to your TV” setup, and this will make my wife happy when she uses our second TV set. But what about our main TV? Why should I have to run out and buy a Harmony 650 (or something similar) so I can do something as basic as turning on the system and controlling the volume and channels from a single remote? Do some of the older Fibe remotes support an audio receiver? If so, will it work with my new Fibe receiver and can I get one? Are there other options I haven’t considered?

    • Moogs
    • January 30th, 2014

    Channel 268, the Knowledge Network is not available on Fibe

    • luke
    • February 19th, 2014

    I just switched to Bell Fibe tv today and is it just me or is there no input button on this Slim Remote… Does one of the buttons double as an input button?

    • Dave
    • April 15th, 2014

    Has anyone had this problem when using the bell fibe remote on the pvr , that the response to skip ahead 30 seconds or back 7 seconds on recordings or paused live tv is annoyingly slow now. Bell tech say to just unplug the modem and plug back in 10 seconds, but this has not solved the 2 second delay. Anyone had this problem and found the fix. I even powered down the pvr and restarted it with no change. I assume the delays are due to software or firmware changes.

    • lamontagne
    • April 17th, 2014

    I’m living in Montreal and we have Sportnet east with the Ottawa game.

    • James Kelly
    • April 21st, 2014

    No service since noon today??????????????????????

    • April 23rd, 2014

    Hi Dave, If rebooting did not work, call in to 1-866-797-8686 you might have a defective PVR

    • April 23rd, 2014

    Music Al :
    Just got Fibe TV today and was flabbergasted to discover the slim remote isn’t capable of controlling an audio receiver. Did Bell complete forget about all of the folks out there who have home theatre equipment?
    I admit that the remote is wonderful if you’ve got a straightforward “connect the Fibe receiver to your TV” setup, and this will make my wife happy when she uses our second TV set. But what about our main TV? Why should I have to run out and buy a Harmony 650 (or something similar) so I can do something as basic as turning on the system and controlling the volume and channels from a single remote? Do some of the older Fibe remotes support an audio receiver? If so, will it work with my new Fibe receiver and can I get one? Are there other options I haven’t considered?

    Music Al, call 1-866-797-8686 and request for a universal remote…Bell will send one at no charge, ensure you speak to tech support and not customer service 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if Bell Fibe is available in Ottawa yet? I am pretty sure it is, but I had a question from someone moving to Ottawa and wanted to double check somewhere before giving them a definitive answer.

    • It’s definitely available in Ottawa, but on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis. Use Bell’s locator on their site with a landline telephone number to check if there is specific availability.

      • Jason Hum
      • May 10th, 2014

      Hi, I am part of a new Bell team for the Ottawa region. We are promoting the Fibe network in Ottawa as it has recently been introduced to many apartments buildings here. If you have any questions let me know, I would be more than happy to help you out.

    • Jason Hum
    • May 10th, 2014

    I also have access to promotions and special pricing that stores and call center agents do not offer. So if there is anyone interested in getting service with Bell Canad let me know. Call 613-293-9134.

    • Nadine
    • June 5th, 2014

    I can’t get the guide to show me only subscribed channels. I went to menu, settings, show only subscribed channels, save etc. but it still shows me ALL channels. I called Bell and they said they sent an update to my receiver but it still doesn’t work! Any suggestions?

  3. the only thing they “lied” about is the channel i wanted CKW Kingston (which is now CBC something) can not be accessed through fibe unless you get the best package, thanks but no. Wish thy had of told me this before i signed up. I do however love their internet

    • Ian
    • June 10th, 2014

    Have to disagree with the “no weather dropouts” part — we’ve had noticeable drops in service during bad weather (while left with power, obviously).

    • Don
    • June 24th, 2014

    I’m about to start a major ground floor renovation and want to make sure I do any phone/cable wiring now in preparation for FIBE coming soon???? My main floor phone line is not where I want the Home FIBE box to be and it’s at least 14 yr old cable. Do I have a phone jack installed now by the TV I want the Home box to be? Does that mean the Internet modem would be there as well or on another home jack? I still want home phone service so I guess I would continue with a splitter on that internet modem/home phone line? Is that OK to have FIBE box on one jack and home phone/modem box on the other jack? Saw note about RG6 or CAT-6 line. What do I tell my electrician to run?

      • Mark
      • June 25th, 2014

      Yes I would install the phone jack near your television. I have the FIBE wireless receiver and it works great. So I’m not sure you have to run any cat6 but it’s up to you. I’m very impressed by the wireless receivers.

    • Jeff
    • July 11th, 2014

    I have bell fibre op tv and want to change the location of the wall jack. Do you need to be a tech to do this or can anyone do it? Thanks

    • Roxane
    • July 14th, 2014

    what about the standby mode after 4hours, is there an option for it to take it off

    • Jeff
    • August 28th, 2014

    Overall I’m happy with my Fibe from switching from Nextbox…
    Couple quick questions, on demand is there a way to make a playlist to keep playing one show after the other ? I know on Rogers it was easy and a blessing with small children and keeping them occupied.

    I have found I can use 2 boxes on hd and then thats about it, others get kicked to sd.

    Overall though I’m happy thanks

  4. Hello !

    Just to let you know about Fibe…at the beginning by phone,we switch Bell satellite to FIBE…not we had a problem with the Bell satellite and nothing to say bad…about their services,at first.
    The lady on the phone said…it will be less expensive to switch and said our bill, it will be together…the t.v…phone…plus internet,on one bill.

    So,we did change it to FIBE and happy at first.
    After a wild…we receive a phone call from them,that we owe them 600 $ for T.V and they cut us, the service with T.V. only.
    We call them explaining our situation and what this lady told us,she did with our bill.
    We were paying just for the phone and internet 200 $ / month for everything,but actually paying this for the phone and internet only…but,where the rest of our credits of money went then ? It’s what we wanted to know ?

    They didn’t know nothing and they kept saying…the manager will call us back soon and they need to look at our files.
    A week and two past…no one call us back.
    So,we finally call back and they said we had to pay…600 $ to activate our T.V.
    Just mind games and lies…about their services.

    Plus,we learn about hiding fees into those company…you pay for channels are suppose to be free…NO,its all mix into your package you pay for free channels.

    We wish to stay with Bell satellite and wish we didn’t switch…it’s allot more expensive.
    Why fix something…when it wasn’t broken and now,we know…too late !

    Sincerely yours !

    Don’t do the same mistake,we did…believing what they say and will do.
    We are not the only one…who they did too and some…don’t have any services,they don’t care…why pay for lies.

    • Some would be rude with us and hang-up the phone as we were speaking or switching with someone else to deal with our situation…couldn’t take the pressure,the truth…dead on.
      No one wanted to help us and say we were right…where is the recording conversation,like they would say ? It really SUCK !

  5. Bell Shouldn’t Exist…they Are Bad Companies And It’s Not About Canada Either In Fault Here.
    It’s About Their Bull$hit Services And Lies They Say Or Sending You,another Department/someone Else To Help You.

    We Don’t Blame,the Employes Either,if They Are Not Informed Well Etc. And If,they Are There For Their Pay Only.

    The Employes Some Of Them We Respect Them,for Their Honesty And Trying Very Hard To Help Their Costumers.
    But,others When They Are Rude First And Lying About Everything Or In Denial,playing Mind Games…to Their Costumers.
    Is Always The Innocent Ones,who Gets The Short Of The Stick,getting Yell At,bullied,cursed At…to Lose At The End,their Job And Services.

    Who Always Payed For Their Services And In Return, We Get Cut Off,for Their Own Mistakes…dirtying Our Name,but No One Cares About That Though…as Long Their Is Dirty Evil Money,in Their Pockets.

    Where Is The Justice And Some Fairness…for The Victims Of The Services Or The Job With Bell ?

    Sincerely Yours !
    Prayers…for The Victims And The Innocent Ones Xox Take Care !


    When I Hear On The Radio For…bell,the Bundle For Fibe…it Make Me Sick…backstabbers,bull$hitters,thieves.

    • Alex &Barr Gold
    • September 15th, 2014

    Hello all. We switched from Bells competitor. Yes pricing was much better. HERE IS MY FREEKING PROBLEM!!!!!!! EVERY TIME THE WEATHER IS A BIT RAINY OR WE HAVE THUNDER IN THE SOUTHRN ONT. REGION —- the socalled land line is down & when this happened the wires got f’d & dialed 911, NOW 2 COP CARS COME TO THE DOOR- AT 4:30am. When i calked bell some of the men on the tel were VERY SEXIST. WTF?????!!!!!! No appology no nothing. Am i upset? HELL YEAH! !! Whats Bells problem? thanks

    • Jerry K
    • October 16th, 2014

    Hi Jason (Hum)… I’m considering switching from Rogers to Fibe TV. Unfortunately there are very very bad reviews about the Fibe. I want to know if Bell has any free trial – 1 month or longer?
    Thanks Jerry

      • Ken
      • December 1st, 2014

      Call 1-866-242-0008 and give them the ID # B59000 and they will give you the best deal possible.

      • Mark
      • December 21st, 2014

      I’ve had Fibe for 3 years and am thrilled. The overall use of the system is easier and the guide and system software is much more intuitive. I’ve had Rogers too and there’s no comparison. Bell Fibe TV wins hands down.

        • r
        • February 18th, 2015

        hi need help thinking of getting bell fibe because that is what they have to offer me but i don;t know anything about fibe tv how does it work
        and is there internet usage with fibe, they gave me a good price but worried about any extras they are telling me

        can you help and tellme how it works and any info i should know

    • John P Trickett
    • October 26th, 2014

    As a Quebec subscriber to Bell Satellite, I have a comment concerning Satellite vs FIBE TV programming. In my opinion, Bell has cut two channels which happen to have some of the best programming available on TV,
    TVO, which is an Ontario public television channel, and now, as mentioned in an earlier post, Knowledge Network, a BC public television channel.
    Knowledge Channel is available on Satellite but not on FIBE TV????
    For those who may be interested, forget about Bell and get the BBC iPlayer App, which I have, for a monthly subscription of $7 (in Canada), runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad, via Apple TV to an HDMI input on your TV.
    You can overdose on all the best of the British BBC comedies, dramas, documentaries, etc., if that’s what you want.

    • Chad
    • November 14th, 2014

    If you are interested in getting Fibe Tv just call 1-866-242-0008 and use the ID B59000 for the best deal possible.

    • Nancy
    • December 22nd, 2014

    The only thing I really hate about Bell Fibe is the Guide! Way too hard to distinguish between sports, movies and regular TV shows. My old guide was colour coded so very easy to navigate through.

      • Mark
      • April 6th, 2015

      Movies are in the 1300’s, Sports are in the 1400’s for the most part. You can always search by genre as well. Go to Menu, Settings, Menu & Guide then Genres. Good luck.

    • Jeff
    • January 14th, 2015

    Quick question. I have a ExpressVu 6131 with an attached HD. If I get Fibe can I still watch the rest of the recordings if that receiver is deactivated? Of course not on the Fibe pvr but the old 6131. Image that the Fibe pvr would not recognize an archived recording of the Bell 6131 either?

    • Mistake
    • April 6th, 2015

    Hi, I switched from Bell satellite to fibe about 4 months ago and I hate it. I had satellite for 15 years and I was tired of replacing my PVR every few years.
    The things I don’t like about the fibe are.
    –I find the new remote too narrow. There is no grip to it.
    — the remote is too hard to read . It’s too dark. Everything on it too small. I like to watch tv with the lights off when I go to bed. I have to turn the lights on to change the channel .
    The things I don’t like about the receiver
    –I hate when when you hit pause and walk for something . You come back you miss have the show. The pause stays on for only about 15 minutes. With the sattelite I can pause it for one hour.
    When the pause comes off the fibe it goes to to live tv . I have missed a lot of my shows, you come back 20 minutes later and you are watching live tv .
    — you cant watch anything in slow motion. The satellite you able to do this. It was great when you are watching sports. I guess I was spoiled with sattellite.
    —- the tv screen guide is too small . I have a 37 inch tv and I have a hard to read it. It’s fine on a larger screen .
    I’m stuck with fibe for the next few years and I definitely going back to the satellite.

      • Mark
      • April 6th, 2015

      I too had Expressvue and Rogers and the current Fibe TV setup is heads and tails above what I had with them. Sorry you’re having troubles.

      The new remote is narrow but you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll come to love it.

      When I hit pause it stays paused until I unpause it and continues where I left off. You might have to check settings or call for support.

      The guide is so much better than anything I’ve used. All the sports are in the 1400’s so shouldn’t be that difficult. You can customise the guide as well as look at specific genres.

      Stick with it and you’ll love it. Good luck.

    • Brad
    • June 2nd, 2015

    Anybody had troubles with the modems. We are on our 5th modem in a year. Sucks to loose the service for a day and a pain to make sure someone is home. Thinking about switching back to Roger’s.

      • Dave
      • June 2nd, 2015

      We switched from bell satellite to fibe in Feburary . We didn’t like fibe at all. Too many bugs in it, no slow motion, you can only pause it for 20 minutes. We haven’t too many problems with the modem other than that the router that comes with it sucks.
      I told Bell all my issues and they couldn’t do anything about them. I finally called Bell and told them I want my satellite back . They were here in two days and switched everything back . It only cost me $49 for installation. No penelty for breaking the two or three contract with fibe.
      I’m a happy camper once again.

    • Reg
    • June 22nd, 2015

    My complaints about bell fibe:

    1. No slow motion

    2. You have NO option on the “Restart” feature. If you leave room for few minutes, come back and try to rewind back to where it was when you left, it automatically goes into “Restart” mode and takes you back to the beginning of the program. If you try to fast forward to get to where you last watched, it won’t let you. You’re stuck with watching the program all over again from the beginning. I find this particularily frustrating. And…you can’t “opt out” of the “Restart” feature on fibe. You’re stuck with it…like it or not!

    • Greg
    • August 26th, 2015

    After reading all the comments, I’m a little uneasy as fibe tv / Internet is being installed today. I just don’t want to lose my tv anymore during bad weather, I’ll never forget the men’s hockey Olympic gold metal game. My wife thought I was crazy.

    • Lisa
    • September 19th, 2015

    Most disappointing service. Channel selection is pathetic, limited shows, guide is lengthy with channels I don’t get. I regret ever getting this service. Two years of required service is too long!

    • Helen
    • October 15th, 2015

    We just switched from Rogers to Bell Fibe, not sure if we like it or not. My picture keeps stopping or distorts during live viewing. Sucks during a great baseball game. Now we have to see if it happens on the other Tvs to isolate it for them, really are we the only people that have had this problem?? Also when I turn it on sometimes it switches back to their home screen instead of staying on the channel. Very sensitive system or a piece of junk. Time will tell.

  6. With the bandwidth thing they actually over provision you bandwidth to make up for the TV, so if you have the Fibe 25 you actual get 35 to the home. If you can’t get more than 25, they can (and usually will) pair bond your connection (you get 2 25Mb connections).

    With that said, the TV and Internet are separated into separate networks so if you get 35 you’ll still get 25 on a speed test.

    • Steve
    • December 5th, 2015

    Was interesting to see this blog and comments, I’ve just switched yesterday to Bell Fibe from Cogeco.

    Pros: Better TV picture, PVR features i.e. watching recorded show anywhere in the house, faster more reliable internet (thus far) and unlimited (I’m on the 50 mbps which is closer to 70 in my area, excellent install (didn’t effect my home networking setup (I use the Bell Router only for TV and keep my Asus for everything else – this is something Cogeco can’t do without a lot of networking config changes), slightly better price.

    Cons: The slim remote is function less – can’t program with my home entertainment system like Cogeco’s. Had to buy a Harmony 650. Some channels missing from better package that don’t make sense, like OWN, SLICE and ID (which are all stations my wife watches), and like the author says … THE GUIDE. Oh my … so many stations I don’t want to see. I have customized it but its a chore to remove the many non English language stations (at first I thought the guide was in French),

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