exception_logger gem 0.1.8 supports jQuery

There’s an older but popular plugin called exception_logger that I’ve encountered in a few different Rails 2.x project. I found it a useful little tool for tracking uncaught exceptions in your production application, including views for managing them and supporting an RSS feed. The plugin fell into a state of disrepair and was showing signs of age. It would no longer run under Rails 3 due to changes to the way that exceptions are rendered in a production environment. As well, it used older Rails remote calls and prototype.js on it’s management page.

Enter Roland Guem (git user name QuBiT) who undertook the task of converting the plugin to a gem and made it Rails 3 compatible. The only issue left was that it meant you still had to include prototype support in your application. In an effort to try to contribute a little more to Open Source, I undertook my second project and converted the calls to unobstrusive jQuery. Needless to say, the code looks a lot cleaner and is easier to maintain going forward. With the release of the gem today (0.1.8), I’ve been able to upgrade a couple of production applications. I’m looking forward to tackling a little more in the Open Source domain as github really makes it a straight-forward process.


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