End before the start? validates_timeliness

It’s been a busy last few days working on a new project that has forced me to produce some of the best work (cleanest) work I’ve produced. Along the way, I’ve come across a few new gems that I’ve utilized to great effect. One of the things I love about Rails is that if you think of a problem, you can be assured it’s not unique to you. I was developing a model today that had a start and end date associated with it. Of course, I could written a custom validator to ensure to the end date was after the start date, but I realized I needed a few variation on this and decided to look for a gem. I found validates_timeliness, which fit the bill perfectly.

Installation and usage of the gem is as simple as advertised. In my case, I had some quick validations in place, such as:

validates_datetime :date_end, :after => :date_start, :if => :date_end

The gem provides a host of options, is Rails 3 ready and works on ActiveModel (meaning you aren’t restricted to ActiveRecord). I can see making good use of this in the future and wouldn’t be surprised if it made it’s way into Rails.


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